9 Guiding Principles of the Hearing Loss Revolution

Pat Dobbs loves going to the opera, even though she can’t discern the melody from the other notes. She has cherished music and the piano since childhood (especially Debussy: “His music brings me to other worlds”), and her recent struggle with music, in part, led her to create the Hearing Loss Revolution and its Nine Guiding Principles, reprinted below.

1. Our lives define us, not our hearing loss.

2. We’re intelligent, engaged, and valued in spite of our hearing loss.

3. We’re the heroes of hearing loss, not its victims.

4. We advise people what we need them to do so we can hear them better.

5. We are honest with ourselves and others; we don’t pretend to hear what we don’t hear.

6. We use Assistive Listening technologies proudly, and advocate for installing them in public places.

7. We see the humor when we misunderstand what people say, and we are able to laugh at it.

8. We accept with grace the hearing challenges that we cannot change.

9. We are grateful for our courage and strength in living these Principles.

By: Pat Dobbs 2014

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