Hearing Aids May Reduce Risk of Dementia, Depression and Falling

A new study finds that hearing devices benefit older adults in multiple ways, from physical safety to brain health.

Almost 1 in 4 people in the United States aged 65–74 have disabling hearing loss. In people over 75, the figure is 1 in 2.  Nonetheless, many people who would benefit from wearing a hearing aid do not wear them.  Experts have linked hearing loss to an increased likelihood of dementiadepression and anxiety, walking problems, and falling.

Now, a study in the Journal of American Geriatrics Society finds that using a hearing device makes these problems significantly less likely to occur.

Click on the link to read the article: https://www.audnethg.com/2019/10/30/hearing-aids-may-reduce-risk-of-dementia-depression-and-falling/

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