Places Hearing Loops Can Be Installed

Where else can hearing loops be utilized?

Hearing loops can be used in private homes or in larger public environments. In most public places, hard of hearing people hear the broadcast sound, but only after it has traveled some distance from a loudspeaker, reverberated off walls, and gotten mixed with other room noise. Induction loop systems take sound straight from the source and deliver it right into the listener’s ear, drastically improving hearing in these large venues. In addition, the Americans for Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities require that buildings with fixed seating for 50 or more persons “have a permanently installed assistive listening system” plus signs “installed to notify patrons.” Loops have been installed in many churches, theatres, courts and auditoriums. In addition, banks, pharmacies, or other venues where detailed information must be transmitted and understood can be terrific applications for inductive loop systems.

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