Saline Audiology Products

You deserve the best hearing instruments available.  At Saline Audiology, we carry name brands like UnitronPhonakMicrotechSonic Innovations and Westone.

Digital Hearing Aid Technology
Programmable and digital hearing aids are so sophisticated they can automatically adjust the volume of sound without having to manually adjust the volume controls.  read more >

Hearing Protection: Swim Molds / Recreational Shooters / Law Enforcement
Custom earmolds for swimming create a waterproof barrier which prohibits water from entering into your ear canal.  read more >

Custom Earmolds for Hearing Devices
Custom fit earmolds for your hearing aid or listening device makes it more comfortable and more effective.  read more >

Custom Earmolds for Bluetooth Devices
These problems not only affect how you hear on the phone but they may affect how the other person hears you.  read more >

Custom Earmolds for iPods, MP3 Players, CD Players, Laptops
Custom fit earmolds for your earbuds or replace your oversize headphones with custom molded earphones. read more >


Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)
Assistive Listening Devices are designed to enhance speech understanding and the enjoyment of music in everyday listening situations. read more >