Shop For Providers – Not For Hearing Aids

What’s the Deal with all the Hearing Aid Advertisements?

“Save Big on High Quality Hearing Aids, this week only!” “Skip the Middle Man – Cheap Online Hearing Aids!” “Incredible Deals on Hearing Aids: $800 off MSRP!” Do these advertisements sound familiar?

For many years, you have blamed your hearing problems on mumbling family members, terrible room acoustics, or poor sound quality on television programs. So now that you are ready to finally admit that you might have a hearing loss, where do you go for help? All you have to do is perform one web search for “hearing aids” and all of the sudden you start getting 10 or more of these hearing aid advertisements sent to you everyday, all from different media sources, showcasing the “latest technology” or the “lowest prices”.

It used to be that the only places you could go to get hearing aids were from: local hearing aid dispensers; department store hearing aid franchises; or audiologists in private practice; hospitals; ear, nose and throat (ENT) physician offices; or university hearing clinics. Now that hearing aids are being offered through direct-to-consumer online vendors, mail order vendors and even big corporations such as Wal-Mart and Costco, the options literally seem endless. So how do you know where to start?

Shopping Around…How to Compare?

We live in an era where technology comparisons have become a part of our everyday lives. When shopping for computers, smart phones or any other technology devices, we tend to place the most importance on brand names, technology features and price. So it makes perfect sense that, just like any other tech device, hearing aids should be chosen the same way, right? Wrong! Hearing aid success cannot be based solely on technology because:

1) Every person develops hearing loss differently and therefore adapts to hearing aids differently

2) People with different lifestyles and communication needs require different hearing aid technologies

3) Hearing aids require accurate hearing test results for proper hearing aid fitting and adjustment

4) Adjustment/acclimatization to hearing aids is different for everyone

5) Hearing aids require periodic cleaning and maintenance appointments as well as multiple hearing aid adjustment appointments based on changes in lifestyle and hearing. In fact the average hearing aid is seen by the provider for nearly 10 hours over the course of the life of the hearing aid. And the success of the longevity of the hearing aid is really based on the patient’s access to care.

 What to Look For: Providers with the Highest Expertise and Credentials

So you see, when it comes to treating hearing loss, it’s not just the technology of the hearing aid that is most important; it is the skills and expertise of the provider who is fitting the hearing aid that makes all the difference. The Hearing Loss Association of America (patient advocacy group), the New York Times and the Food and Drug Administration have recently released articles targeted toward prospective hearing aid buyers, all relaying the same general message: You can purchase the most advanced hearing aid on the market, but it won’t do you any good, unless it’s fit and adjusted properly by an experienced audiologist.

Why Choose Saline Audiology?

Our priorities as Doctors of Audiology are to improve the quality of life of our patients, participate as responsible and accountable members of our community, and maintain exemplary service. Not only do we promise to give every patient the individualized attention he/she deserves, we pledge to keep on the cutting edge and to know the latest technology and medical advances available for both hearing and balance care; this includes hearing loss prevention education and advocacy.

In order to provide the best possible care for our patients, we believe that hearing care should not just involve fitting hearing aids but should also include a comprehensive HEARING PROTECTION PLAN:

• 30 day trial period, during this time adjustments and changes are made on the hearing aids as needed; also a full refund will be given if not satisfied, except for $50.00 per ear

• 3-year repair warranty &  loss/damage insurance; complimentary clean and checks for the life of the hearing aids; complimentary reprogramming for the life of the hearing aids

• recommended hearing exams every 2 years


1)      We believe that patient education leads to the best hearing care results

2)      Our experience gives you the expert care you deserve

3)      Detailed testing ensures that we address the specific nature of your hearing loss

4)      State of the Art Hearing Aids optimize your ability to hear

5)      Exact hearing aid fitting and programming to your satisfaction

6)      Exceptional follow-up care gives you ongoing personalized customer service

7)      We absolutely love what we do… helping people hear better and changing lives

At Saline Audiology we help you Listen To Life!



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