With Starkey Halo & Halo 2 Hearing Aids, use your smart phone to control your hearing aid volume and settings.

Receiver-in-Canal Technology (RIC)

Receiver-in-canal technology separates the components into two major sections. A case behind the ear holds the aid’s amplifier and microphone, while a small bud that contains the receiver is used inside the ear canal. A small tube connects the receiver to the case.

Separation of the receiver into its own compartment has several advantages. Feedback and occlusion tend to be much less of a problem with RIC devices than they are with other hearing aids. With the ear canal open, wearers generally report a more natural sound which is judged to be more comfortable. This type of device a great choice for listeners with mild to moderate hearing issues because it amplifies high-pitched tones exceptionally well.

Open Fit Hearing Aids

Open Fit Hearing Aids are called Open-Fit because they leave the ear canal open. They do not block or occlude the ear canal. Open Fit has become more popular because of the advancements in feedback cancellation.

Understanding Feedback
Feedback is that annoying buzzing or whistling of a hearing aid.

Feedback cancellation systems reduce or eliminate the threat of feedback. This feature allows the ear canal to be remain open. Today’s hearing aid technology has better feedback algorithms that drastically reduce or even eliminate feedback.


Natural Sound Quality: The Elimination of  the Hollow Sound
Open Fit hearing instruments eliminate the hollow sound often associated with custom fit hearing aids.

If you put your fingers in your ears and then begin to talk, you’ll experience how custom fit hearing aids sound. The unpleasant muffled sound is eliminated with Open Fit technology.

With Open Fit hearing aids, you eliminate this sensation. You’ll be able to hear the sounds that you hear now the way you’ve always heard them. Open Fit technology allows for a clear, natural sound and only amplifies the sounds or frequencies that you have trouble hearing.


Looks Nice / Nearly Invisible
Open Fit hearing instruments fit neatly behind the ear. They have a thin transparent tube or wire that fits into the ear canal.

Traditionally, hearing aids have been associated with older adults. With this new Open Fit technology, younger adults who experience hearing loss are wearing this new type of hearing instrument due to its sleek, nearly-invisible nature.


Hear Today
Open Fit hearing instruments do not require the time consuming process of making custom ear molds. So you don’t have to wait a week or two to receive your aids from the lab.

You can test Open Fit hearing instruments in our office the same day of your hearing test. By simulating real world activities in our sound booth, you can experience Open Fit technology in our office.


How Reliable is an Open Fit Hearing Instrument?
With most Open Fit hearing aids, the components of the hearing instrument are actually just behind the ear away from wax and moisture. Service issues are far fewer than traditional style devices.


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