Don’t let your hearing retire before you do!

Protect yourself from occupational and recreational noise pollution with precision-crafted custom hearing protection.

Gunfire, industrial noises, woodworking, motorcycles, loud music, motorized lawn equipment, noisy hobbies and other noises louder than 90 db, are harmful to your hearing. Sounds louder than 90 db, over a period of time, can permanently damage your hearing and impair your ability to communicate. Because hearing loss is a gradual process, in most cases, you might not realize you are losing your hearing until it is too late. And if you have already damaged your hearing, continuing to avoid proper hearing protection will only worsen the condition.


As many as 50 percent of all recreational shooters may suffer some degree of hearing loss. It is generally thought that loud noises in excess of 90 decibels are harmful to hearing over prolonged exposure.  Most gunfire exceeds 130 decibels and requires reliable, quality hearing protection. Using ear protection can prevent needless and permanent damage to hearing.

Electronic earplugs enhance the sounds around you.  For example, you can hear game movement but also reduce impulse sounds such as gunfire, down to a safe level.  This helps prevent damage to your hearing.  Electronic earplugs are available in custom molds as well as standard, less expensive alternatives.


If you are involved in law enforcement you undoubtedly know how important your sense of hearing is to being effective on the job. You may also have experienced a situation where firing your weapon has temporarily reduced your ability to hear. And if it hasn’t already happened, there may be a future situation where your partner or a member of your team will be forced to fire their weapon in close proximity or in a confined area. The potential damage to your hearing could be severe and could result in irreversible hearing loss.


Loud, constant sounds all day long at work can cause long term hearing problems. Saline Audiology provides services to companies with employees who need regular hearing health care evaluations.

Loud, sudden noises (gunfire, industrial noises, woodworking, motorcycles, loud music, motorized lawn equipment, noisy hobbies and other noises louder than 90 db) are more damaging to hearing than regular and extended exposure to loud sounds over a period of time.  When properly fitted, earplugs can significantly reduce loud noises and prevent hearing damage and loss.  Hearing protectors not properly fitted to the wearer’s ears do not effectively prevent damaging noises from penetrating the ear canal.


Hearing healthcare is important at any age. Schedule your appointment with Saline Audiology today.