Tinnitus is the medical term for “ringing in the ears.”

Some people may hear hissing, chirping or clicking sounds. Of the 50-million Americans who suffer from tinnitus, 83% of them hear ringing constantly without intermission. Usually, the only relief tinnitus sufferers will experience is an occasional reduction in the loudness of the tinnitus.

The number one cause that contributes to triggering tinnitus is exposure to loud noise. Other causes that could trigger tinnitus range from severe head trauma, certain medications, sinus and respiratory infections, ear infections, wax build-up and certain types of tumors.

Tinnitus is usually a side-effect of hearing loss.

Though a treatment that eliminates tinnitus is yet in the making, there is help for tinnitus discomfort. Hearing aids, maskers, and white noise audiotapes are some of the more commonly sought solutions.  Changes in your lifestyle may also help you cope better with tinnitus.

Regular exercise may help increase blood circulation to the head, practice relaxation techniques, listen to soothing music or sounds.


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