Can Hearing Loss Can Be Found?

Everywhere I go there are people with hearing loss, but they don’t want to be found. They will reveal once I do, but not before, and only to me — not more broadly. I find them at conferences, school events, lectures — always sitting up near the front, just like I do — but silent about the need for the speaker to use a microphone or to not turn his back to the audience. How can we change this mindset?


There are 50 million Americans with hearing loss, so it should not come as a surprise how often I meet other people with hearing loss. Whenever I mention my work as a hearing loss advocate, more often than not, someone will confess his own hearing loss or that of a relative or friend. This is usually done in a hushed tone with a glance or two around to see who might be listening, as if it were a secret. I understand, it used to be a secret for me too.

If hearing loss is so common, why do we still feel so lost?

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July 26, 2017

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