Hearing Loop Installed

LoopSignThis sign displayed in any location lets a hearing aid wearing know that a hearing loop is installed.  When you see this sign, you switch your t-coil to the on position and then your hearing aids will pick up the sound source coming through the loop.

People have difficulty hearing at churches, movie theaters, stage performances, and lectures.  They also struggle to hear the television in their home.  Even with hearing aids, many people can not hear when there is background noise, regardless of the hearing aid technology.  Telecoil or t-coil, with a hearing loop is the best way to provide clear hearing in these venues.

For more information about a home loop or a commercial loop, contact Arkansas Loops a division of Saline Audiology at 501-778-3868 or 501-922-0053.  Our audiologists will be glad to answer any questions, and will provide a demonstration for your church, group or place of business at no charge, along with a free site survey and estimate by our technician.

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