Hearing Loops in Church

How Hearing Loops Help Persons with Hearing Aids Hear in Church

Reverberation, distance to sound source and ambient noise reduce intelligibility. Increasing the speaker volume will not always make it easier for a person with hearing loss to understand the message and may make it too loud for those with normal hearing. What is needed for this person with hearing loss is an increase in the intensity of the signal (for example the sermon) in proportion to the background noise (of those gathered), this means increasing the signal-to-noise ratio. Hearing loops take the desired speech signal straight from the basic source at the microphone and broadcast directly to the listener‟s hearing aids. The signal at the listener‟s ears is free from distance issues, reverberation and ambient noise interference. The hearing loop user‟s response is: “I can hear the sermon again” but what is meant is that the speech is now intelligible enough to be understood because the signal-to-noise ratio is improved by the hearing loop. Our experience is that even the most practiced and well adjusted hearing aid user is frequently surprised to find out how much better they understand the speech signal through a hearing loop in church.


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