Home Hearing Loops

Why are hearing loops good for home Television use?

Television can be difficult for viewers that are hard of hearing, even when they have been fitted with new state-of-the-art digital hearing aids. Distance from the sound source, room acoustics and background noise can all interfere with intelligibility. Moreover, the viewer does not have the opportunity to have dialogue repeated and much of the conversation on television goes by very quickly. Any person with diminished speech recognition will have trouble in this type of hearing environment. As everyone has witnessed, this usually means that the hard of hearing viewer turns the volume up to uncomfortable levels in the home to better hear the television. A loop system can provide a solution to all of these issues as it isolates the sound from the television and transmits it equally into both ears through telecoil equipped hearing aids. The volume control can be set to a level that is comfortable for all listeners. Not only is the hearing aid wearer happier, other family members can sit in the same room and enjoy television again at a reasonable volume.


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