How Is A Hearing Loop Installed?

A loop system from Saline Audiology is installed by professionals. A test loop may be run to make sure the proposed design will work before we do the permanent installation. Installations are required to meet the international standard IEC 60118-4, which defines the magnetic strength field, frequencies and measurement requirements. Installations are tested with a FSM (field strength meter) to confirm compliance.

We offer your church, auditorium, corporate meeting room, bank, senior center or private venue the support you need to successfully go “live” with the hearing loop.

– Custom design and installation to ensure you get the right product for your venue – Signage to inform that a Hearing Loop is installed – Plaques to commemorate the generosity of any donor(s) available upon request – Hand outs to educate users and the general public – Publish-ready announcements for your newsletter, church bulletin or emails – We can help you with a news release to send to the newspaper, church magazine or blogs – We will post your location on our website directory as being accessible for persons who use hearing aids – With each installed hearing loop system, we will be available to answer questions, offer hands-on instruction and verify that the system works to the satisfaction of the end users. The loop will be in working order as soon as installation is completed. We typically ask that a few known hearing aid users provide us with feedback.

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