Is Your Lifestyle Damaging Your Hearing?

If you like your music loud, take note


One of the major causes of developed ear problems is prolonged exposure to very loud noise, says Tony.

“Our ears are one of our wonderful senses and, when we have good hearing, allow us to hear a huge range of sounds from the extremely quiet to the very loud. One of the modifiable risk factors (meaning something that are able to control) for problems such as tinnitus and hearing loss is exposure to excessive noise. The damage caused to our ears generally builds up over a long period of time, but some very loud sounds can cause irreversible damage immediately.”

The main factors about the “dose” of noise is the volume or intensity of the noise and the duration or time exposed to it. This means that prolonged exposure to noisy bars, clubs, concerts, karaoke and personal music players are all potential sources of hearing damage. A general rule-of-thumb is that if someone has to shout for you to hear, when you’re about a metre away, then the noise is potentially damaging.

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