Looking For Hearing Aids On The Internet? BEWARE

Audiologists are committed to providing quality hearing health care to their patients.  Their practices include detailed patient case history and a comprehensive audiological assessment prior to making any hearing aid recommendations.  Audiologists set high standards as hearing health care providers.

It’s unfortunate that today a whole slew of Internet-based organizations without the same high standards for quality, care, and service are providing hearing aids to the general public.  From a consumer’s prespective, the opportunity to obtain hearing aids without the significant and sometimes unmanageable price tag is attractive.  What audiologists want consumers to realize, is that hearing aids are more than a product.  This lack of knowledge is to the consumers detriment.

With all Internet hearing aid sales that ship directly to the consumer there is no way to verify audibility and comfort.  In fact the customer really cannot be certain if the best aided precsription has been programmed into the hearing aids.  There is a clear risk of underfitting or overfitting the hearing aids.  Most Internet hearing aid retailers give little consideration to recommended evidenced-based practices, and with some Internet retailers the focus is the product and it’s price.  There is little to no importance placed on benefits of receiving services from a hearing health care professional.

Saline Audiology and our two audiologist, Lisa Richey Au.D., and Credonna Miller Au.D. are committed to giving each patient one on one personal care.  Service, quality, care, and time that is put in by our audiologist for each patient is unmeasurable.  If you are someone you love is having trouble hearing one-on-one, in a group, or noisy enviroment, call Saline Audiology and schedule an appointment for a hearing exam.  If you are a hearing aid wearer and  it has been more than two years since you have had a hearing exam, it’s time to schedule one along with a check-up of your hearing aid.

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