Loop Systems are the Best Choice

Loop systems are the preferred assistive listening systems

Unlike FM or infra-red assistive systems which usually sit unused, hearing loop systems: Require (for those with T-coils) no pick up and remembering to return portable receiving units or wear a headset. Operate on a universal frequency (FM systems operate on differing frequencies, requiring receivers for each church). Are inconspicuous: No need to display “I am hard of hearing!” with visible headphone. Loop systems offer an easy and invisible solution to an invisible problem & are thus more likely to be used. Work in transient situations: They allow hands-free listening while moving around in church where other assistive listening systems are impractical. Are hearing-aid compatible. There’s no need to juggle between hearing aids and headsets (for example, when shifting from sermon to singing during worship). Deliver personalized in-the-ear sound customized by one’s own hearing aids to address one’s own hearing loss. …Are, for all these reasons, more likely to be used – and to be increasingly used – once installed (as people purchase future hearing instruments with T-coils).



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