Royal Theatre Installed a Hearing Loop

Royal sign

January, 21, 2014, Arkansas Loops, a division of Saline Audiology, installed a hearing loop in the historic Royal Theatre in downtown Benton.  The theatre was built in 1920 as  a movie theatre.  Today The Royal Players perform live productions there.
The hearing loop will allow the hearing aid patrons to hear the productions much better.  Hearing aid wearers will turn on their t-coil or telephone setting in their hearing aid to access the loop.  A copper wire has been placed around the perimeter of the auditorium and hooked into a driver and the sound system.  The t-coil in the hearing aid and the copper wire acts as a magnetic field to allow the sound from the sound system to come directly into the hearing aid.  All background noise, echo and reverberation will be eliminated.  We are thrilled to offer this technology to the Royal Theatre!
If you have questions about the hearing loop or about your hearing aids, we would be glad to assist you.  501-778-3868

Royal - inside

Inside the theatre looking toward the stage.

Susan with Cre & Lisa

Credonna and Lisa (our audiologist) with Susan Dill – President of the Royal Theatre Board.

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