Today’s Hearing Aids

According to Better Hearing Institute at, there are
“some trending facts  about today’s hearing aids”

  1. They’re virtually  invisible. Many of today’s hearing aids sit discreetly and comfortably inside  the ear canal, providing both natural sound quality, and discreet and easy use.
  2. They automatically  adjust to all kinds of soundscapes. Recent technological advances with  directional microphones have made hearing aids far more versatile than ever  before – and in a broad range of sound environments.
  3. They work with  smartphones, home entertainment systems and other prized electronics. Wireless,  digital hearing aids are now the norm. That means seamless connectivity –  directly into your hearing aid(s) at volumes that are just right for you – from  your smartphone, MP3 player, television and other high-tech gadgets.

Also, almost all hearing aids today are equipped with a t-coil.  A t-coil can be used with a heaing loop.  Hearing loops  are installed in home TV room, church sanctuaries, auditoriums, and other large venues.  A copper wire is looped around the permineter of the room and the t-coil acts as a magnet to the pull sound directly from the sound source into the hearing aid.  This blocks out all back ground noises and echos and leaves the listen with a clear sound.

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