Where Are Hearing Loops Used?

Hearing loops are helpful in a variety of places.  

Some are used for extended time, and others are beneficial while a person is in transit.

Examples of extended time use include:
*  Theaters and performing arts centers
*  Places of worship
*  Board rooms and large meeting rooms
*  High school and college auditoriums
*  Court rooms or City Council rooms
*  Banquet or sports facilities
*  Fellowship Halls

Examples of transient use include:
*  Ticket counters and information booths
*  Doctors’ offices and pharmacy counters
*  Drive thru and pick up windows
*  Museum exhibits

Almost any church, room or facility can be looped.  To learn more about hearing loops, visit ArkansasLoops.com  or call 501-778-3868
Informational packets are available for you to take to your Place of Worship or Community Center at
Saline Audiology.



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