Who Can Benefit From A Hearing Loop?

Hearing aids with t-coils are the necessary components to hear in an induction loop.  Nearly 75% of hearing aids today either have a t-coil installed or can be fit with one.  About 98% of hearing aids purchased from Saline Audiology are equipped with a t-coil.  This tiny copper coil, which costs a couple of dollars and uses no battery power,  can make the difference between hearing okay and hearing very well in many situations.  In looped venues, the loop sends a clear signal through the t-coil into the hearing aid wearer’s ears.  The hearing aid is programmed for the user’s own hearing loss and the sound through a hearing loop is nothing short of amazing.

Hearing loop advocates will say that hearing a sermon or presentation through a loop has made a difference in their lives.  Seeing smiles “ear to ear” is proof that the hearing loops work – and work well.

Arkansas Loops is a division of Saline Audiology and we have looped several churches, in Benton, Hot Springs Village, and Arkadelphia.  If you would like information about looping or would like to schedule a free demo and site-survey call us at 501-778-3868 or 501-922-0053

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