Why Install An Induction Loop?

Induction loops improve listening clarity for those with hearing aids. The hearing aid must have a T-coil but estimates are that about 65 to 70 percent of hearing aids in use today have T-coils. Nearly all new hearing aids now have T-coils, so eventually all hearing aids will utilize the T-coil technology. Installation of induction loops is a very cost-effective way to improve communication for the hearing impaired population, while conforming to ADA guidelines.

Advantages of a loop system:

– Businesses or venues that install loop systems have virtually no maintenance on the system and do not have to purchase or maintain/sanitize/repair headphones such as those used with infrared or FM systems. – There is no limit as to the number of users of the system – it is virtually unlimited. – Users do not have to “advertise” their disability by using headphones – they only have to turn on their T-coil – so there is no stigma attached to the usage of the loop system. – Users benefit from the loop technology AND their customized hearing aids for the best possible hearing experience. The loop system helps the hearing aid do its job. – Loop technology uses a universal standard system any T-coil equipped instrument user can use at home in a TV room or worldwide. – All hearing aid T-coils work with all loop systems. Cochlear implants also have T-coils. – Listeners use hearing aids they own. Sound is optimized for their personal hearing loss and needs. – Improved clarity and understanding benefits businesses and individuals. – A loop system has a reasonable cost to install with minimal or no maintenance. – Loop systems don’t require you to purchase, maintain, and replace portable receiving units. – Portable units can be purchased for those without suitably equipped hearing aids at $145 each. We include one receiver for monitoring purposes. ADA requires headsets for 1% of seating occupancy so a 400 seat room would need 4 loop receivers. ADA compliance – Our experience is that loop systems are far more likely to be used – and increasingly used – once installed.

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