Why Use a Hearing Loop in Church?

Due to reverbration, distance to the sound source and ambient noise intelligibility is often reduced.  Increasing loudness can make it more difficult for a hard of hearing person to understand the message.  What is important is to increase the intensity of the signal (for example the sermon or other message) in proportion to the other noises.

Hearing Loops take the desired speech signal straight from the basic source (the microphone) and broadcast directly to the listener’s hearing aids.  The signal at the listener’s ears is free from distance issues, reverberation and ambient noise interference.  No longer will sounds such as, coughing, whispering, rustling of paper or feet, air conditioning, and other background noises, keep the listener from understanding what is being said.  A person’s response is: “I can finally hear the sermon again.” but what they actually are saying is that the speech is now intelligible enough to be understood.


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